Paige vs. AJ Lee - Divas Championship Match: Raw, June 30, 2014

She’s baaaaaaaack and your NEW #WWE Divas Champion, @WWEAJLee! #Raw

She’s baaaaaaaack and your NEW #WWE Divas Champion, @WWEAJLee! #Raw

I was just showing Paige the same courtesy she showed me after Wrestlemania. Only this time, Momma is reunited with baby.

why is paige here and why is she champion

I honestly love you

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this is my favorite thing tyra banks has ever said

Tyra Banks can be problematic as hell, but I really like this.



you can tell that shit felt good to say

It’s always my fucking fault. The more I try to get away from you people, the nearer you get to me. Stay the fuck away so I don’t have to hear your stupid fucking voice say I’m the reason for shit. You caused this, you started it. LEAVE. ME. ALONE.

I NEED a razor blade so freaking bad right now. I can’t handle it. This shit is too unbearable. It’s almost Christmas and I would honestly think about asking santa for a fucking razor blade. I’m just so- i don’t know.


"If you don’t have this on your blog at least once, get out."